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Project Management Company - RES Consulting NYC, Inc.

If you are looking for an expert construction project management company in New York, you have come to the right place!

When you are taking on a construction project of any magnitude, it is essential to have the proper knowledge, skills, experience, and resources to see it all through. RES Consulting NYC is the partner that you can fully count on when it comes to project management. Hire the leading New York Construction Company, with the top construction managers in the business.

Our NYC construction managers strive to empower our clients with our own strengths and capabilities in order to ensure the completion of any building project, regardless of scale.

Project Management

Project managers need to oversee the different aspects that make up a particular project, from its commencement until its closing stages. There is no denying that project management is an important function, especially in the construction industry.

Across America, especially in states like New York, the adherence to stringent health and safety codes for buildings can prove to be a huge challenge for a lot of project proponents. Contracting an outside entity for project management in New York takes off a huge amount of pressure from the main project proponent.

Having a reliable project manager would ensure that the contractors are sticking to the plan and the budget. This also means that the project manager would ensure that the standards that the clients have set are met.

The Best Project Management New York

RES Consulting NYC is fully capable, as the owners representative, to deal with state regulating bodies, project funders, material suppliers, various subcontractors, and other parties involved in the entire project. Especially on the project jobsite, a skilled project manager can be the most valuable asset that a project proponent can have.

RES Consulting NYC provides a wide variety of consulting services for the Construction Industry.  We know how to develop and build lasting structures that can be appreciated for years to come.  It is our mission to assist and guide our clients and provide solutions and answers to their building construction needs.  We specialize in solving your building construction issues using creative problem solving skills.

With RES Consulting NYC, you can rest assured that your building construction project will be completed within the set schedule and according to all your design specifications. Call us at 917-208-0570 to learn more about us and how we can help you today!

We look forward to any opportunity that you have in store for us.


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